About us

Mr. Jamal Ahmed Abdullah is a Kuwaiti lawyer who have been practicing law and legal consultancy for more than twenty years, in both the private and government sectors.
The office was founded in 1997 and has achieved a considerable success in the market. This success has prompted us to affiliate with local and international law firms to extend our legal services to the gulf states and internationally. We have our distinguished presence in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, where we work in close cooperation with our affiliates. In particular in countries where the business opportunities are abundant, our law firm enjoys a very strong and well connected network with lawyers locally and internationally.
The Law Office has two legal divisions: (Arab Division and the International Division) both of which work under the supervision of the founding partner, Mr. Jamal Ahmed Abdullah.

The International Team For Consultancy And Contracts :

The main task of the international team is to provide international legal services and as a result it deals with all Arab and foreign countries. These tasks are undertaken by highly qualified international lawyers, lawyers located here in Kuwait as well as in various countries world wide and render their services and consultations through special procedures overseen by our central office.

The Local Team Of Lawyers And Consultants:

This special team of six lawyers and our legal associates consists of highly experienced and qualified group of lawyers under the supervision of Mr. Jamal Ahmed Abdullah. The main job of this team is to represent the clients before the ordinary courts (Courts of first instance, courts of appeal as well as courts of cassation and constitutional courts) and any judicial authority. The team also provides legal consultations and draft contracts.